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Interested in Tantra, Bay Area Community, and the Enlightenment Path? Welcome to Bay Area Tantra!

The intention of Bay Area Tantra is to:

1) Provide an online sacred space for those involved with tantra to share experiences, ask questions, inspire reflection, and learn from one another;

2) Support the cultivation of a growing tantra community in the SF Bay Area;

3) Promote interest and understanding of the unique approaches to tantra within the variety of tantric paths, including Ipsalu Tantra and Skydancing Tantra;

4) Provide the most up-to-date resource for tantra and tantra-related classes and events in the Bay Area.

We only want members with photos so please do not bother to apply without a photo. If you need help adding a photo to your profile please feel free to ask me and I will help you.

Om namah Shiva-Shakti, Om (Great is the union of Shiva and Shakti...OM) ॐ RSS Feed what is XML?

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